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For me, my life changed when my husband gave me my first DLSR camera for Christmas back in 2014.  I visited local wetland parks and fell in love with the wetlands and its inhabitants.  Being out in the wilds of Florida helps to ground me and give me inner peace.  The pictures I choose to share and sell are based upon the feeling I get from the composition of the picture.  For me, balance, harmony, and beauty are key to all my photographs. 

I want to share the beauty of the Florida natural habitats with everyone and strongly believe in wildlife and habitat conservation in and around Florida.  Through the University of Florida and Broward County, I became a Certified Florida Master Naturalist and enriched my knowledge of Florida’s habitats and wildlife.  

I am currently in school at Broward College to get an AS/BS in Environmental Science and am so excited to be studying what I love.